Coal Tar Roofing

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Need Coal Tar Roofing?

You may be familiar with coal tar roofing if you have ever seen tar being applied on a roof. It has a specific smell and look to it that is unmistakable. At Apex Commercial Roofing, we are able to apply coal tar roofing in NJ, and we are qualified to install it at your business.

There are a few benefits to this type of roofing, including that it has been around for many years, and holds up well over time. It also doesn’t take much maintenance over the course of its life. If you want to learn even more about tar roofing, you can reach out to us at 856-203-6108 for further details.

Other Built Up Roofing Options

Although coal tar roofing is something that has been around for many years and offers a number of layers of protection for your roof, there are other built up roofing options that may be a better fit for your purposes. The good news is that we are able to provide a few types of built up roofing for you to consider for your company. These include APP and SBS. Something else to think about is that we are able to help you keep your roof looking great for many years to come. You can work with us for roof inspections and preventative maintenance, which is a way to get small problems handled quickly, so they don’t have an opportunity to become bigger and more destructive. You can always trust us to help you with repairs as well, if this is something that you must have remedied on your roof.

Give Us a Call

There are many reasons you may want to think about coal tar roofing in NJ. Not only is it a classic type of roofing that is strong and holds up over time, but it also doesn’t break down due to UV or other environmental elements that can cause damage with other types of roofing. If you aren’t sure if this is the right roofing for your business, you can talk to us as your commercial roofing consultant, and we’ll help you decide. We will always take the time to explain things to you and discuss all the relevant types of roofing that you should consider. Don’t wait around if you are curious, since we are always available to help. You can contact our team at 856-203-6108 today to get answers to your questions.